Saturday, February 26, 2011

The power of a friend...

During these past few years, Curtis really came to know how important friends are.  In the past, he used to say as long as he had me and the kids, he didn't need close friends.  But over the past few years as he began to move from mentoring relationships into friendships, he began to so appreciate the value of having a close friend. He began to look at relationships in a different light and allowed other people to pour into him, as well as he pouring into them. It became a mutual relationship and Curtis began to grow and flourish.  

Since last June there was a close friend named David J who would call or text Curtis every day.  These calls and texts were priceless.  Curtis would look forward to hearing from David. It usually wasn't a long phone call, most of the time, just encouragement from both of them and usually a prayer.  But it meant the world to Curtis. 

 There were so many people who would email us or call to check on us, or post a comment on Facebook.  Those seemingly "small" things were gigantic to us.  Knowing that people were praying and that they truly cared opened our hearts for more of God's love to be dumped into us.  People allowing God to love through them - AMAZING!   God is love, so when we love others we are giving God.   I want to encourage you today, to reach out to someone today. It doesn't take a million dollars nor huge acts of kindness. It takes a phone call, a text, a hug, a card. Those things are tremendous.  To every one who has prayed a prayer, made a phone call, sent a flower, a card, gave a hug.... Thank you. I know that you made a difference in Curtis' life and you continue to make a difference in mine.  Keep reaching out to others, because you are Jesus' hands here on this earth. You are His BODY!


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