Monday, February 28, 2011

One Month.....

Since there is not 29 days in February this year, I guess the official one month anniversary of Curt's death is tomorrow, but my heart sure feels like it is today. I told you when I started blogging that this is a place for me to share my heart, to share the pain, and how God is bringing me through. So this blog might not be pretty, but it is raw cause that is how I am feeling tonight. 

When I woke up this morning, I was faced with this overwhelming feeling of missing Curtis.  I had a doctor's appointment and knew I had things to do, but I took the time for the wave to wash over me and allowed myself to feel the pain. It felt like a searing hot knife tearing my heart, but after a short time, I felt a soothing from the Father. I have talked about these waves in a previous blog. So mentally, there are times I know that I need to feel the pain other times I run from it. 

Later this morning, I had to go through some bills and one of them was a detailed bill from the hospital from his admission and death. Going through how the bill was chronologically organized, I could see the different medicines, and the different procedures, and felt the trauma again of what he was enduring at that particular time. That was hard too. 

Then I was at home this afternoon alone, and was listening to some teachings on cd, and thought I would take a nap.  I was in the recliner that Curtis always sat in when he was in the living room. Fell asleep but it was as if I was drugged, kept feeling like I wanted to wake up but couldn't.  Then had a troubling dream. Dreamed that Curtis was in the recliner, but it was in a different house, he was talking to his sister, and i reached over to hold his hand like i had so many many times done before. but in the dream, he did not even know I was there. He did not know I was trying to hold his hand. so in the dream, I started crying and that is what woke me up.  Needless to say, I got right up and found my anointing oil and anointed the chair and prayed over it and myself.  So, my day has been a very emotional one for sure. 

Then sitting down to write this blog, I started looking over my f/b pictures, looking over our disney trip, knowing exactly how he was feeling in each of the pictures. Knowing that on the Thursday that everyone visited him that he had several hours of being almost totally pain free. What a blessing that was.  But also looking at some of the other pictures and knew that he was struggling so badly. 
So, i began crying again. Listened to some of "our" songs, cried some more and here I am.  Yes I hurt. I know that at least one of my kids had a rough day as well.  But through the fog, I know that I am being held. It is like the pain is very sharp and in the forefront, but deep down, I sense the Father holding me and reminding me once again of my roots. They are deep and this day of the wind blowing and the branches bending, will not cause me to topple.  

So I grab hold of Daddy's hand and refuse to let go. I will survive and I will keep standing. By His strength and not my own.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The power of a friend...

During these past few years, Curtis really came to know how important friends are.  In the past, he used to say as long as he had me and the kids, he didn't need close friends.  But over the past few years as he began to move from mentoring relationships into friendships, he began to so appreciate the value of having a close friend. He began to look at relationships in a different light and allowed other people to pour into him, as well as he pouring into them. It became a mutual relationship and Curtis began to grow and flourish.  

Since last June there was a close friend named David J who would call or text Curtis every day.  These calls and texts were priceless.  Curtis would look forward to hearing from David. It usually wasn't a long phone call, most of the time, just encouragement from both of them and usually a prayer.  But it meant the world to Curtis. 

 There were so many people who would email us or call to check on us, or post a comment on Facebook.  Those seemingly "small" things were gigantic to us.  Knowing that people were praying and that they truly cared opened our hearts for more of God's love to be dumped into us.  People allowing God to love through them - AMAZING!   God is love, so when we love others we are giving God.   I want to encourage you today, to reach out to someone today. It doesn't take a million dollars nor huge acts of kindness. It takes a phone call, a text, a hug, a card. Those things are tremendous.  To every one who has prayed a prayer, made a phone call, sent a flower, a card, gave a hug.... Thank you. I know that you made a difference in Curtis' life and you continue to make a difference in mine.  Keep reaching out to others, because you are Jesus' hands here on this earth. You are His BODY!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

"the oak tree"

I am going to share with you today the message that was on a card that I received from my mom's medical office a few days before Curtis died. This card really encouraged me, and I hope it brings encourages you as well. 

"The oak tree.. a message of encouragement."

A mighty wind blew night and day.  it stole the oak tree's leaves away, Then snapped its boughs and pulled its bark until the oak was tired and stark. But still the oak tree held its ground While other trees fell all around. The weary wind gave up and spoke,  'how can you still be standing, Oak?' The oak tree said, 'I know that you can break each branch of mine in two, carry every leaf away, shake my limbs, and make me sway. But i have roots stretched in the earth, growing stronger since my birth.  you'll never touch them, for you see, they are the deepest part of me.  Until today, I wasn't sure of just how much I could endure. But now I've found, with thanks to you, I'm, stronger than I ever knew." 

When I received this card, I begin to think about my roots, and how I knew I was firmly planted. I have prayed for so long that I would be like a tree planted by the water, that I will not be moved and I will not be shaken by anything that comes against me.  There have been days where I felt some of my branches snapped off, felt naked in the wind, with all my leaves blown away. Days where I have felt like if the wind kept blowing and thrashing me that surely I would just blow away. But my root system is strong. My faith is strong in the Father. This didn't come overnight. I keep saying over and over that trust and faith is a daily decision.  Roots don't grow deep in just a few days.  

This is a lifelong commitment that I have made to the Father. Every day, my roots grow a little deeper.  I want to encourage you today. The hurricanes may be blowing your tree, you may be standing naked in the gales, but know my friend, that your roots run deep. When you have been watered by God himself, and the SON has shined in your life, then you have what it takes to weather the storms.  Your root system is strong, the roots are deep. Draw from that fact, and know that no matter what comes against you, when you look way deep down, your roots in Christ will sustain and keep you. 

If you don't have these roots we are talking about, all it takes is making a choice to allow God to be able to start growing you and maturing you. Take one step toward the Father and He will meet you. I promise. 

Still Standing

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the little things....

it has been a good day.... up till tonight.  Just sitting here thinking of little things that I miss about Curtis, and thinking about how much they meant to me.  Little things like him coming to tell me good night and kissing me before I went to bed... then how the last few weeks of his life, the role was reversed and I didn't go to bed till I made sure he was in his recliner with his CPAP mask on, or else he would fall asleep without it. Making sure he had a blanket and was comfortable.  Little things like coming home for lunch every day and sharing some of our most beneficial talking time. Talking about living and dying. Talking about healing - would it be here, or would it be in heaven.  Talking about the changes that we both had seen in each other. Lunch time won't be the same now. 

I miss the little things like how the house smelled when he was fixing his famous spaghetti sauce, or his roast and potatoes.  how now, I find it hard to get back into cooking on a regular basis. Missing hearing him snore in his recliner while we were watching tv.  The little things like how he was so meticulous about so many things.  from how he outlined in his bible to how his drawers were organized.  And wondering what he would say if he could see how cluttered his desk is now. reaching for the phone to call your number then realizing that I no longer would need to call to let you know i was on my way home.  then calling anyway just to hear your voice when it was strong and there was no disease in your body.  Missing the way that you smelled when you wore Tommy cologne :) and still spraying it in your closet to feel near you. 

I am not trying to depress you at all, just was thinking of all these things, and it really does help to write them out. If for no one else, for me.  I know that I will have these times of missing the little things, and I know that it is normal. These things will be remembered and cherished for many years to come.  I also know that in the middle of all the remembering, that I must still practice peace. it is a balancing act for sure.  Falling apart, but not totally. Knowing that I can depend on our heavenly Father to bring me through the hard times. the good times and the cherished times.  

Find those little things about those who are closest to you. pay attention to them. cherish them and hold them close to your heart.  It truly is the little things that matter the most. 


Sunday, February 20, 2011

riding the wave or not....

Lately I have been experiencing quite a few different kind of "waves".  I have had waves of sadness where all I wanted to do is just cry; I have had waves of anger, I have ridden the wave of pity and anguish. I have also experienced waves of kindness and compassion from others. Waves of loneliness, waves of memories....All kinds of waves that come and go. I have learned that these are all normal and that it is ok to ride the wave and then let it crash down on you.  But sometimes I have felt like my daughter Faith in her recent posting on her facebook page when she said sometimes you don't want the wave to crash down on you because it is harder to get up when you fall. 

I had one of those waves the other night.  I was by myself and  I began to feel all kinds of emotions all at one time. It began to build into a crescendo, climbing higher and higher.  All the emotions I mentioned above all seemed to hit me at one time. I don't really know how to explain it, except you know when you are watching surfers and they are waiting for that big wave to come, they see it coming from a long ways out then they quickly get in the water so they can catch it before it crashes.. Well, I could sense the wave getting larger and larger, I began to feel a panic and fear, so I knew this was not good.  I didn't say a long prayer or even have time to call a prayer partner.  All I did was say Jesus, I need your help now.   In an instant, when it seemed as though the wave was frozen over my head and I could feel the splash of the spray of despair, it disappeared.  It ended. The fear, the panic, it all ceased.  I felt relief. Thank you Jesus!  

Now, I know that like I said before, it is ok to ride waves when they hit me. Waves of loneliness and waves of missing my husband.  Ride the wave, let it crash down on me, feel the pain and then get up and move forward again. But when a tsunami like the one I was sensing came, I knew that it was something meant to bring harm to my life. Not just a wave of emotion, but an attack from the enemy.  It is knowing and sensing these things in the spirit that will allow me to know when to fight back and when to feel the pain.  Holy Spirit is my comfort and teacher, but He is my guide and my deliverer as well.  Jesus has given me authority in His name to stand up against the evil one and draw the line. Actually, the line was already drawn in blood by my precious Saviour.  

It is ok to feel the pain of losing a loved one, the pain of disappointment and the pain of loneliness. But when the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him. Isaiah 59:19. 
Knowing when to ride the wave or not is of utmost importance. 

Friday, February 18, 2011


Today, I am going to share something from my personal journal that I wrote on 1-18-11.  This is painful, but I am sharing this bits from my journal, because my entire reason for writing this blog is to be of a help to someone else. I don't want to waste my pain.  I want to help others.  Maybe you feel that you are facing something that is totally impossible, but I want to show you that when you can trust God, that all things are possible.  

January 18,2011 11:49 pm
My dear Abba,
Tonight has been a rough night for Curtis. Actually all day has been rough. Today was the last day of experimental treatment. But it was hard. and seeing my husband so disoriented and confused is so hard to bear and watch.

Daddy, oh my Daddy (my reference to my Father God) I am so torn.  I want to see him whole and walking in your power and your anointing - yet i hate to see him suffer so much. I am in between two feelings.  If I am doubting, I ask you to reveal it to me. IF I am sensing correctly, then I want to know. 

Oh my Daddy, continue to pour out your love and mercy to both of us.  Let me face whatever I must face - in your strength and never my own.  You are my source and my supplier of every good thing. 

I love you so much my dear Abba- I know that whatever lies ahead - I can conquer and face because of you. 
I love you-my heart is yours,

Hindsight is 20/20 they say, but looking back now, I wouldn't have said anything different in this journal entry. Every day, my heavenly Father carried me. Days I was very weak emotionally, but He carried me. He strengthened me.  I could not have imagined even 5 years ago that I would be able to walk through the traumatic death of my husband, and be able to write about it to encourage others.  

If you gain anything by reading my thoughts and feelings, my prayer is that you will glimpse into my heart, and see that faith is simply trusting God. Believing His word, when it says that he will cause all things to work together for good for those who are called according to His purpose.  I pray that you will know that it is possible to trust Him. It is possible to walk by faith and not by sight. Even when the ending is not what we thought it should have been, we can still overcome.  I am not a super-christian, I make mistakes all the time. I blow it, I find myself wallowing in pity. But when the dust settles, what makes me an overcomer is when i get back up and run to my Father and not away from Him. No matter what.  
You can do the same. it is a choice.  Choose wisely.  

Thursday, February 17, 2011

good day/bad day

Confusing title I know, but I will explain.  
The bad first:  I am sick, physically.  The dr thinks it is the flu, so I have been taking it easy, trying to rest and drink lots of fluid. I am missing my hubby giving me a hug, telling me that I need to rest. Telling me that he will fix dinner for me. He was sympathetic when I was sick, with him going through so much- he had compassion.  Even in his last few weeks, he still tried to fix dinner for me one night. In the past few years, Curtis had changed so much. He became so much more thoughtful of me and the kids. He truly allowed God to change him from the inside out. He talked so much about the miracle he had already received, the miracle of inner healing.  I will talk more about that in the days to come.

  But back to the bad day/good day.  So being sick today and missing my husband's compassionate hug and his thoughtfulness was not good.  But there were good things today too.  This morning, it felt like a shift in my healing in the grief process. Let me see if I can explain.  it wasn't something big, no loud sound from heaven. Rather it was the lack of expecting to see Curtis in his chair. It was a comfort in my heart rather than the razor sharp pain that has been there.  Not saying that I don't still feel the razor sharp pain, but getting a small break from it was wonderful.  another good thing was realizing that I am looking forward to more ministry work. I had settled in my heart, with or without Curtis, I would move forward in ministry. Today, I felt an excitement deep within.  And yes, the peace remains.  The peace that has been greater than any peace that man can think of giving. 

My kids have been such a joy in my life, and they continue to do so. They are such good kids. they are finding ways to vent, ways to express their grief. Talking to their dad on F/B, playing the drums (yes, all of them take turns) they are finding ways and they are helping me in the process. 

so i will take the good and the bad...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am not alone..

Through the lonely times that I am already beginning to experience, I constantly have to bring my mind back around and get my focus back on the fact that I am never really alone.  Yes, I have my kids and my family, my friends.  But my Abba Father is truly with me.  I am finding that while I do have to work through this process of grief, I have to keep my eyes on the bigger picture as well. As the old saying, it is hard to see the forest for the trees.  There are days that all I can see if the biggest tree of all- that Curtis is dead.  

There are times when I feel like it just happened yesterday, and times that I feel it happened 6 months ago.  My therapist told me that was normal, and also later on, I will remember more of the good memories, rather than the horrible images that I have in my head when he struggled so bad the last 48 hours of his life.  I sure hope so, cause I don't like seeing him in my head struggling to breathe, and being incoherent.  It was so hard.  I think today that I will print up a picture of him BC (before cancer) and put that in my line of sight. 

Valentine's Day was rough.. I felt like screaming to the world, "DON'T YOU KNOW MY VALENTINE IS NOT HERE WITH ME??? WHY ARE YOU CELEBRATING?????"  yeah, I know sounds foolish, but it ran through my  mind more than once.  Looking at everyone celebrating and enjoying their lovers and thinking that they whole world should stop celebrating because of my loss.  but thankfully, Life truly does go on.  I wouldn't really want the world to stop just because of me.  It is in seeing life going on that I can go on.  

Back to seeing the bigger picture.  I know that God is stirring and moving on the inside of me.  He began this process a long while back, He knew how this was going to turn out with Curtis, and He began preparing me when Curtis received the diagnosis last June.  The day the doctor came out and told me that yes it was malignant melanoma, God asked me this question.  "Will you trust me with Curtis?"  Instead of the knee-jerk reaction that most of us as Christians would say, OF COURSE!, I let it sink down deep inside, and after a few days, I promised God that every day I would make a new commitment to trust Him with Curtis.  Many times, I had to renew that commitment multiple times throughout the day, and there were days that I failed miserably.  But still today, I am making that daily decision to trust Him with Curtis, with my kids, with me.  
Isn't that really what faith is?  Trusting the Father?  

So the bigger picture is still out of focus for me, just being honest.  but getting glimpses of it and I like what I am seeing.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

first of many firsts without him....

Today has been an up and down kind of day.  Church was wonderful, worship was amazing, being loved on by my church family uplifting.  I took the kids to the grave site today, and that even went well. No tears, just putting a flower arrangement that we made on the grave, along with Valentine's Day balloons.  Looking at markers to get an idea of what we may want for Curt's grave. My mom and step dad went with us, so it it was alright. 

 Later in the evening, I began to feel an irritation, and then such a sadness.  I went to the store, and after that, just felt like i needed to talk to someone.  I called a good friend and met her out to talk.  By this time, i was just sobbing. I guess that I had just let it build up to where it was not being healthy so I let go. Wondering if it is because of tomorrow being Valentine's Day, or if the numbness has finally worn off, or maybe a little both. 

I know it is healthy for me to let the feelings out and to share my heart.  as hard as that is for me, I have decided that I will allow that to happen a little more.  So when the pain is too overwhelming, I will seek the Father, and a friend.  I pray that my children will understand the importance of  letting it out and that they will be able to cry and get some of this out as well. 

Thank you for going along with me on this journey. Some pretty big speed bumps along the way, but we will make it as long as we can lean on the Father's shoulder.  


Saturday, February 12, 2011


This was my post on January 27 on facebook:

Romans 8:18 "For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us." God's glory revealed in us... hmmmm. cancer doesn't bring him glory, but our reaction and our response can bring Him glory if we keep our eyes on Him despite of how things look.

Little did I know at that time, that the sufferings that I had seen Curtis endure up to that point would increase over the next 24-48 hours in such a manner that it would literally take his life.  But now I can truly say that God's glory was revealed in Curtis. In every manner of speaking... Even in the midst of his final day, Curtis was full of peace, in spite of the pain, in spite of the confusion that was clouding his thinking.  God's glory was being revealed... the love Curtis had for us was still so evident.

I was typing up a summary this morning that goes into more detail about the medical side of it and thought I would go ahead and share it with you.  If it sounds "medical" and "factual" it is because it is easier for me to share from a medical point of view.  The pain and suffering that my dear husband endured is very hard to express in words. Those who were closest to him saw glimpses, but my kids and myself saw his every day suffering, his every day pain. His undying faith- fully trusting the Father, that whether he was healed in this earthly body or healed in his heavenly body - Curtis' faith and trust that his Daddy God would take care of him.

Here is the summary. It is painful to read, but you cannot imagine how painful it was to be by his side through this.

It is hard to talk about it, but i am finding that it helps out.  If you get a chance, go back and read my older posts back from January and it will give you more of an idea of how things progressed.  

It seems like it was October, that they found out that the cancer had spread to Curtis brain, his liver, and the other lung. Then shortly after that, he had a bone scan and we found that it had spread to his hip bone and shoulder bone.  He went through a total of 20 rounds of radiation, and also went through a second experimental treatment.  by the end of the year, he was in excruciating pain in his back and hip.  We found that he had a compression fracture in one of his vertebrae that was caused by the cancer.  He talked with our pastor in early December and our pastor asked if he had a bucket list, things he wanted to do, as Curtis had talked to him and him only to tell him that he didn't think he would make it through this. that is when our pastor found out that we really had never taken the kids on a real vacation. So he started fundraising and within 2 weeks, had over $5000!

They flew us nonstop to Orlando on Jan3, and Curtis rode around in an electric wheelchair in the parks.  It was very difficult for him, and as soon as we would get home, he would crash and sleep the rest of the evening.  By this time, they had increased the steroids because of the swelling and bleeding in the tumors on his brain.  When we got home, he began to have mini-seizures when he would stand up.  He managed to get out a little, going to dr appointments and stuff, but every day became worse. The lethargy, the pain, then  during the last week, he became confused every time after trying to stand up. We knew that the swelling had increased on his brain. We called in hospice on the Tuesday before he passed, and they brought out a wheelchair, walker, stuff that would help him.  At this point, he was sleeping all day and all night, except to get up to go to the bathroom and showering.  Thursday 1-27, the seizures became much worse (not a jerking and shaking seizure, but one where he would be staring blankly and could not respond) Friday 1-28, his brother and sister flew in from Maine, and in between the pain and sleeping, he was able to talk to them in short bursts. (this was the first time he had seen them in years) we had to give him some adivan because he was having trouble breathing in the afternoon. That relaxed him enough to where he was joking with his family.  But then after they left, my mom was still here, and he began having an extremely hard time breathing and his heart rate was up really high.

I called his oncologist and he was on call, told him i was having the ambulance bring him in, but Curtis was so unstable that they had to bring him to the local hospital rather than Charlotte. At the ER, they could not get him stable, so around 1:30-2:00 am he began seizing again (through all this time at the ER, he was incoherent and very confused, could not really talk to us, other than to tell us he wanted out and wanted all the equipment taken off him)  The drs told me if I didn't let them intubate him and put him on a ventilator that he would have a heart attack because his rates were so high.  I tried to get my kids there before they did that because I knew he would be sedated, but they had to proceed quickly.  After the ventilator was put in, the kids got there and they went in to see their dad. He was conscious but not communicating. But when the held his hands, he squeezed them and tears came out of his eyes. He knew they were there. I am sure...  after all his family and my family came in to tell him how much they loved him, they took him to ICU. I went home to rest for a short time, but was called back to the hospital and was told over the phone that he had gone into cardiac arrest and they had already brought him back with CPR once but his heart rate was not stable at all. They asked my permission to stop CPR... .with my kids screaming and crying, and me racing to the hospital with flashers on, tears pouring down my face, I had to give my permission for them to stop life saving measures.  We got to the hospital a few minutes later and rushed to the ICU, and was met by the chaplain who told us that Curtis had just passed away.  My family was there with me, as was Curtis sister and her husband.  

.......... ughhh.. i just can't write more right now.

Friday, February 11, 2011


I want to be able to express some things on my heart in a healthy way, so at times, I may just post some of my thoughts. They may seem a bit wandering but it is what I am thinking today.

I am finding that talking to others really does help.  It is ok for you to ask me how I am doing, how are the kids doing? It is ok for you to share with me your favorite memories of Curtis.  How he made you laugh, how he aggravated you ;) how he impacted you. I will never grow tired of hearing those things.  

I am also finding out that it is ok to let others know when I am having a good day or a bad day. A day filled with loneliness or a day where I didn't cry.  It is hard for me to let others see into the dark times though. I take a risk that you may not understand or it may be too much.  But a risk that I will have to take. 

Looking at his picture today and kissing it gently makes me miss kissing his bald head and of course his lips.  Looking at his ring around my neck makes me wish I still could hold his hand.  Sitting here at his desk, still organized the way he had it (ok, it has a little more junk now that I am working on business stuff, :) ) i think of all the articles that he has written from this desk, from this laptop. I think of all the time that he spent praying in this office, how much he petitioned the Father for us, for his kids and his friends.  I think about his love for peanut m&m's and how he became so disciplined in maintaining his blood sugar levels, that he gave up the m&m's.  Sitting here at his desk is bittersweet for sure.  I loved Curtis with all my heart and always will.  At times, the pain feels like razor sharp teeth waiting to devour me.  But I know that over time the pain will ease and the good memories will remain. 

Thank you for reading this. will post more soon. I find this to be a balm to my soul.

from the beginning

All of this began in March of 2007, when my husband, Curtis, was diagnosed with melanoma after having a suspicious mole removed from his right shoulder. The doctors ended up doing a wide path extraction, cutting away all the tissue affected. He was given a clean bill of health and for a couple of years, everything was good.  In 2009, Curtis was admitted to the hospital for extreme swelling in his feet and legs, and during a routine chest x-ray, a small spot was found on his right lung. There were follow up CT scans and a PET scan, all of which did not show the spot was progressing. Then at the last CT scan in April of 2010, it showed that the spot had increased in size.  We were sent for a consultation with a surgeon, and later the spot was removed along with a small section of his lung. 

As I sat at the hospital, waiting and wondering because the doctor was very concerned that it could be the melanoma that had spread, the surgeon came out and confirmed just that.  Thus began the diagnosis and treatment for malignant metastatic melanoma.  Even just saying it sounds scary and it was very scary. After he recuperated from the surgery, we were referred to the Blumenthal Cancer Center in Charlotte, to Dr. Asim Amin, where Curtis was given the opportunity to participate in some experimental studies that were showing promising progress in treating this type of cancer. He went through 2 rounds of immunotherapy, and when the scans were done in August, we were told that the cancer had spread to his brain, other lung, and liver. He began radiation, and then started another round of another experimental treatment.  Soon after, a bone scan was done, and we were told that the cancer had spread to his hip bone, pubic bone and shoulder bone.  Another round of radiation helped ease the pain that accompanied the cancer in the bone.   

Through all of this, my husband remained a warrior. He stood firm in his faith and believed God for a total healing.  As the cancer spread throughout his body, He began to talk to me about what if he didn't make it through this.  We talked about things that we had never discussed before in the 20 years we had been married.  We talked about death, funerals, and all that goes along with it. But yet, we remained in God's peace.  Facing death face to face, but without fear. The peace was attracting attention.  Our pastor talked to Curtis about a "bucket list"  Curtis shared that our family had never been on a vacation, so the pastor organized a fund raiser and sent us as well as our 4 kids to Disney on January 3-8.  

Curtis fought hard to get there. We flew down and stayed at a condo where we were given a timeshare for the week. He loved watching the kids have fun, and even went out to play putt-putt with us.  He rode the electric wheelchair around the parks, and on Thursday of that week, we had a day of visitors. We had people from our old church in Florida to visit us, neighbors that we had grown extremely close to, as well as ministry friends.  It was a wonderful day, being prayed over and encouraged, life being spoke over him.   The week came to an end all too quickly.  

Once we were back home, Curtis' health began to decline quite rapidly and the last week of the month proved to be the worst he had ever experienced. This led up to his death on January 29. 
I will pick the blog back up and try to start sharing some of the feelings and the pain that we have experienced since then. 

thank you for reading so far. 
God Bless and Keep you

Monday, February 7, 2011

The healing begins...

I wanted to create a blog where I can share my journey of healing and how God has brought me through this past year, with the diagnosis and later death of my dear husband, Curtis James Forbes.  My sweetheart went to be with the King of Kings on January 29, 2011 at 4:32 am.  He was the proud father to our 4 children.

It is my desire to share the past and the present within these blogs. Let you kinda get to know the man who I was proud to call my husband, and to be able to release some of the pain that I am now experiencing.

Not promising some great big exciting blog every day, but a place where reality meets faith.

More later